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Inbank Leasing 

Conditions of hire purchase

• Purchase price 100-3000€
• Deposit from 0%
• Period 4-48 months
• Interest 15.9% a year from the purchase price
• Contract fee 15€
• Administration fees 0,9€ a month
• Applicant's age 21-70€
• Applicant's neto income must be at least 240€ a month and correct previous credit performance.

To apply for hire-purchase please visit our store or contact us (+372 5685 0020)/ e-mail ( Also You can order goods from our webshop and please mark that You want to buy with Inbank hire-purchase after this we will contact You for signing the contract.

Rate of hire-purchase is 36,18% per annum on the following example conditions:  price of the object of the contract (neto price) 1500 EUR, sum of credit 1500 EUR, contract period 24 months, fixed interest rate of 15.9% per annum accounted from price of the purchase, contract fee 15 EUR, Monthly installment 83,62 EUR, whole sum of credit ja installments 2006,54 EUR. Credit provider is Inbank AS (license No 4.1-1 / 31, place of business Niine 11, Tallinn, phone 640 8080). Before concluding the contract, read carefully terms and conditions and, if necessary consult an Inbank employee or other expert.

LHV Leasing

You can buy anything that cost more than 50€ from our store with LHV hire-purchase.LHV hire-purchase makes your purchase process more convenient. With LHV’s affordable hire-purchase, you can start using the goods and services now, while paying for them in instalments.

We will reply to your application within minutes
Downpayment starting from 0 euros
Reasonable interest rate only on the loan balance

You can fill the form and we will contact You after we receive answer from LHV.

Conditions of hire-purchase

A decision granting hire-purchase is valid for 90 days. During this period, you can apply the limit provided to purchase goods or services.
Minimum applicant income EUR 250 per month.
Contract fee starting from EUR 19.90.
Term of contract up to 48 months.

Additional information

LHV webpage
+372 6802 700 (9-21)

Hire-purchase is provided by AS LHV Finance. Take a look at the terms and conditions at a sales point or and consult our specialist. The annual percentage rate of hire-purchase is 25.64% per annum on the following example conditions: cost of goods/services € 650, downpayment 0%, credit amount € 650, interest rate 19.9% of the balance per annum (fixed), contract fee € 19.9 and the period of payment is 25 months. The sum shall be paid in monthly annuities and the total sum of payments is € 819.

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