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We are one of the largest sellers of new and used Apple products in Estonia. In addition, we offer maintenance and repair work for all Apple devices. We have a very wide variety, which is very important for a successful company and its employees. The starting company, as well as a large company, can find suitable devices (iPads, iPhones, MacBooks) in the product range.

Do you have special wishes? Want to buy 100 used iPads or sell your 100 old iPhones to us to buy new ones? Does data also need to be transferred? No problem, we are always ready for challenges!

Why choose Mobipunkt?

  Opportunity to purchase used Apple devices with an invoice and a two-year warranty
  We will buy back your old Apple devices and get new ones at a lower price
  We always help with setting up new devices and transfer data to a new device
  During the repair, we always provide a spare device free of charge
  Personal approach and assistance
  Flexible pricing policy while purchasing multiple devices
  Same day express delivery in Tallinn
  Flexible financing from our partner (ESTO AS)

You can do your job, and we take care of your Apple products. You do not have to spend your valuable time with us to take care of the technical park.

We always find a suitable offer for each customer.

Used device for your business?

All the used devices have been cleaned, checked, and are 100% working. As good and reliable as new. With used equipment, you save a lot of money and nature as well. We also provide a two-year warranty for all used products. Example:

5 laptop purchase for the company

5 new MacBook Airs start at 999€ (price for one computer). The 5 used 2017 models (perfect for everyday work and as good as new) cost 2 times less.

Save up to 3000€

10 phone purchase for the company

The new iPhone SE 2022 (the cheapest new model) costs 549€. The equivalent of a used iPhone SE 2022 costs 385€.

Save up to 1700€

Contact us

Michael Sander
General Manager/Sales Manager
+372 56850072

Do you want to lease equipment?

In cooperation with ESTO installments, we offer companies flexible and convenient installments. Select the appropriate product and send us an inquiry. We will find out your wishes together, sign a contract and you can start using your products.


  First payment from 0€
  Installment period 3-48. months
  If desired, the monthly payment also includes equipment insurance
  At the end of the leasing period, we could buy back the old devices, and the amount received for them will be used as the first payment to a new installment.

Why use a leasing service?

  You no longer have to pay thousands of euros for your employees' equipment and the money remains in your business. For example, the latest iPhone and MacBook Air lease payments per day are from 3 €! No need to worry about your equipment getting older over time.

  If desired, the monthly payment also includes insurance. Should anything happen to the devices, such as a fall or liquid damage, life goes on without worries. If possible, we will repair your device or replace it with a new one.

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