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Hire-purchase in June on all Apple devices with 0% interest for six months.

You want iPhone, iPad, Mac or Watch? Now is the best time to get it!

There are all Apple iPhone, iPad, Mac and Watch devices with 0% interest for six months with hire-purchase. 0% interest, 0€ contract fee, 0€ first payment. Just choose Your device and divide price by 6 and You know how cheap it will be for You. Or bring Your old Apple device and You will get much lower monthly rate!

Conditions for hire-purchase

• Campaign is valid 1st till 30th June 2021 and only for Apple iPhone, iPad, Mac, Watch with ESTO.
• Period 3-48 months
• Interest 0% for six months
• Contract fee 0€
• Administration fees 0€ (from the 7th month 2.9€/month)

*Upon request, it is possible to sign a contract for a longer period than 6 months, in this case starting from the 7th month the usual interest of 11.90% a month applies.

How to buy with ESTO hire-purchase?

Choose a product and add it to the cart
You can choose multiple products

Choose ESTO hire-purchase in the cart
Fill out the ESTO hire-purchase request and you will receive a quick response

Products can also be hire-purchased from our store
Enamus tooteid on kohe esinduses olemas

Choose your favorite product, many of them are in stock!

The monthly installment is 39.74 € and the credit cost rate is 22.79% per annum under the following conditions: cost of goods / services 1290 €, down payment 0%, credit amount 1290 €, interest 11.90% of the issued credit amount per year (fixed) from 7 months, contract fee 0 € , monthly management fee 0 €, installment period 48 months. Hire purchase is offered and managed by ESTO AS. Hire-purchase is a financial obligation and before making a decision, thoroughly read the terms and conditions of the contract and, if necessary, consult an employee of ESTO AS or another expert.

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